Future Orchard Cork

"Nurture The Future"

Become a member ?

Future Orchard would be delighted to have new members and there are a few ways to do this if you are interested! Since the beginning of the project in 2010 you can become a shareholder by pledging to contribute financially to the projects development. Currently 3 euro & fifty cents a week for 7 years, will secure one of the 10 remaining shares.


Another Way:    Many people feel becoming a shareholder is a big step into unknown territory, so we have been developing another option for involvement.  It is now possible to become a GIY support member.  In 2017 Future Orchard joined the nationwide group GIY (Grow it Yourself) so as to develop this idea of support membership and encourage people who are not shareholders to get involved. This GIY member aspect of our project is still under development but we really hope it will encourage participation. However we do anticipate a small yearly fee (not as yet confirmed) towards insurance cover.


The project is open each Saturday morning for a few hours and this is the best opportunity to meet some of those involved. We run a shop at the gate and offer juice, veg, seedlings and some craft items for sale.  We do not have any other opening hours as there are no paid staff to supervise. However members have access codes so they can enter at other times in the week.




You can make a donation to the project, no matter how small, via Paypal. You don't need to be a Paypal member - any credit or debit card will be fine.

Contact: +353 87 9462280

Email: futureorchardtrust@gmail.com