Future Orchard Cork

"Nurture The Future"

Our project holds security of tenure on a hectare (2.4 acres) of marginal land upon which we are developing a heritage orchard and edible forest, as a co-operative micro-enterprise.


We are still learning and evaluating our strategy so that we can support those who wish to replicate or adapt our model.

We are funding-secure, as our shareholders provide all the necessary finance over the first decade, through our ‘100 share hectare’ design concept. Share ownership, at a cost of € 1000, can be purchased either outright or by a small regular subscription pledge to our credit union account. Over the initial years of projects development, this commitment can provide a total of  € 100 thousand revenue including the value of the land, every cent of which is necessary to forge the vision ahead.  This membership supports the facility to be brought to a self-sustainable level as a small scale producer of organic local juice and run related education courses as an income generator.


We believe this model of Community Supported farming to be accessible and inclusive at grass roots level and hope that other interest groups will try to create similar projects as a way to build their own community supports in a challenging world. In edition to improving their own food security, self managed green spaces allow for increased well being and empower people to protect their native biodiversity. Shareholder’s currently number 60 + and € 50,000 has already been spent on developing the land. Please note: if you commit to a share, you are not buying a 1/100 piece of the land, but rather a 1% share in the project as a whole, and therefor you or those who come after you have an entitlement of

1% of the yearly profits, when the project gets to its productive stage.


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You can make a donation to the project, no matter how small, via Paypal. You don't need to be a Paypal member - any credit or debit card will be fine.

Contact: +353 87 9462280

Email: futureorchardtrust@gmail.com