Future Orchard Cork

"Nurture The Future"

Our land is mainly sloped and is bounded by the Glashaboy River to the West and the R616 to the East. The river has a weir across it and care should be taken particularly in this vicinity. A cliff overhangs the river. The height varies - it is about 10 meters at its highest point.


A flat leveled area located to the right of the gate as you enter, serves as a car park. It is covered with a hard core of red sandstone on which ordinary vehicle can drive easily. It can get somewhat muddy at times and wearing boots or Wellingtons might be advisable.


Track-ways can get somewhat muddy at times and you should be aware of slippery areas and uneven ground.


The clubhouse on site is a temporary structure. It has no electrical power. There is a wood burning stove which can be lit in the Winter months and a compost toilet for those working the site, which also is a temporary structure and will deteriorate in time. We are asking members to keep this in mind.

We also have a tool shed and a small Geodesic Dome ... and we are well on the way to building an Apiary.


Apart from the existing trees on site, there are about 120 trees of various types, many of Irish heritage varieties, which have been planted by the members. The land also has fungi of various types, usually in the Autumn. Please be aware that not all of them are edible. A fungi experienced individual is available for consultation.


A health and safety statement will soon be available for downloading in PDF format.



You can make a donation to the project, no matter how small, via Paypal. You don't need to be a Paypal member - any credit or debit card will be fine.

Contact: +353 87 9462280

Email: futureorchardtrust@gmail.com