Future Orchard Cork

"Nurture The Future"

Future Orchard’s 100 Shares Per Hectare concept is an award winning model of community supported agriculture (CSA), showing how  a membership structure can support small funding-independent projects.

We believe that the world we live in needs us to take more ethical and co-operative ownership of our food production systems. Our little project is limited but it hopes to be a seed of change.


Our project is a Co-Operative venture which aims to develop a legacy fruit forest for its members. Membership ownership of all produce and profits are shared for perpetuity as is the responsibility for the maintenance and public liability insurance. Registered members support the project with an agreed financial commitment, generally paid by small regular deposits to the collective credit union account.  This income is spent on the development of various horticultural / permaculture projects (in particular 'Apple' tree growing) on one hectare of land which is held in shared ownership by the members. Future Orchard Cork has a management structure in place which is made up of members elected at the Annual General meeting.


Our Rule-book and Charter outlines how our members are invited to develop creative enterprises within the ethos of the project. These 'enterprise ideas' cover a wide range of products and services supported by the facilities and structures of the project. Some that have already been explored have been seed saving, bee products and fruit juices while events have also taken place that offered therapies and education courses. Should a project take hold it pledges to reinvest 10% of its profits to the continuing development of our co-operative ecological enterprise.


The concept also includes novel ideas on wealth creation. We have already issued an internal 'complementary currency' the ‘Ull’ (meaning Apple in the Irish language). Minted as a biodegradable coin our currency is a token is backed by the fruits of our own produce.


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Contact: +353 87 9462280

Email: futureorchardtrust@gmail.com