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The Webmaster speaks and you better listen...


I first came across the Future Orchard project at an art exhibition. Yes, among other things it can also be seen as a work of art by Elaine Garde.


What fascinated me most was the concept of an alternative currency. The writer Robert Anton Wilson once proposed the idea of negative interest money: Unless you spend it, it's value will decrease. It would be based on a consumable or perishable resource. Robert Anton Wilson proposed Hemp, but: Isn't our Apple currency something like that? Furthermore: wealth can be created by creating the resource which is used to back the currency.


I am a retired professional design and publishing consultant and an accomplished video post production engineer. My real passion, though, is my art practice. I compose and perform my own music, and I am enthusiastic about a style of photography known as Urban Exploration - a rather mild form of Urban Exploration, due to a disability I have. Hard-core Urban Explorers like getting right down to the bottom of ducts and sewers and into dangerous derelict sites to take their pictures.

What I can do for you...


Commerce is not very important to me any more. I don't work on projects which don't give me any creative satisfaction ... and creative satisfaction does not necessarily need to be about spectacular aesthetics and high-profile accomplishments - for me, it can come with simple little things, such as designing attractive promotional printed matter for people trying to start a business with only an imaginative idea and little or no capital to make it happen.


And this may baffle you: I don't necessarily need to be paid in the conventional currency. In the spirit of this project: if you need a job done which I could do, if you have no budget, but if you have goods or services to offer which I could use, don't hesitate to talk to me. My contact details are on the bottom of most pages of this website.


I do sell my pictures for money, though. I shall soon offer Urban Exploration fridge magnets in the Future Orchard souvenir shop.

Contact: +353 87 9462280

Email: futureorchardtrust@gmail.com

Web Design: Berkus + 353 86 2112330

Email: ffeenixx@gmail.com

You can make a donation to the project, no matter how small, via Paypal. You don't need to be a Paypal member - any credit or debit card will be fine.

There is a pop-up shop at our club house operating on Saturdays from 11:00 to 13:00.