Be a founding Shareholder in
a Regenerative Movement

Membership Info, Rules, Charter

Becoming a shareholder. No time commitment required, just enjoy the fruits of your investment.

If your busy life means you can only see yourself as an investor in this co-operative regenerative project, don't let it stop you. Money is power and our planet urgently needs to create the future we want to see.

The combined financial pledges of the shareholders ensures the basic maintenance of our developing food forest and keeps the project insured for educational workshops as it matures.

All shareholding investment has been spent on planting and maintenance - nothing else.

Members have the access code to the gate lock. Wednesday at about 3.30pm is a weekly anchor time so that members might cross paths and socialise a bit. If you wish to visit our project, this might be the best time to aim for.

Future Orchard Cork

Future Orchard Cork