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Future Orchard is delighted to have New Members

Are you interested ? You can easily become a shareholder by pledging to contribute financially to the project’s development. We happily take the once off payment of €1,000 but it also suits us if people pledge over a period of time. They pay a bit more but it might suit them better. You decide what works e.g. €10 per month for 10 years, €3.50 a week for 7 years, will secure one of the 10 remaining shares. €20 per month for 5 years, or make your own proposal. Please send us an email and we will forward the credit union IBAN. We do hope to have an online system for new members put in place but currently Elaine (the current owner of the land) will sort out your set up.

We do not currently have any defined opening hours, as there are no paid staff to supervise. Wednesday at about 3.30pm is a weekly anchor time so that members might cross paths and socialise a bit. If you wish to visit our project, this might be the best time to aim for. Members have access codes so they can enter at other times in the week.

Join our mailing list using the email address below. Please contact us directly if you feel interested in starting a project on land that you already own or are trying to purchase. We can share our experiences with you

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