The Shared Ownership Model

Security of Tenure, Co-Op Micro-Enterprise

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Our project holds security of tenure on a hectare (2.4 acres) of marginal land upon which we are developing a heritage orchard and edible forest, as a co-operative micro-enterprise

Members can enjoy the project at anytime and can access with a code for the gate lock. However there are many shareholders whom we have never met but we are very thankful for their financial commitment. As a project for perpetuity we understand they will leave their share to someone as part of their estate. What a treat to inherit!

We are funding-secure

Our shareholders provide the necessary finance to stay insured and maintained. However, as a project it is also possible to qualify for community grant aid for specific activities. Shared ownership, at a cost of €1,000, can be purchased either outright or by a small regular subscription pledge to our credit union account. Over the initial years of projects development, this commitment can provide the necessary revenue to maintain and develop as the yearly A.G.M sees fit. The money supports the facility to be brought to a self-sustainable level as a small scale producer of organic local juice and run related educational courses as an income generator.

Community Supported farming

We believe this model of farming to be accessible and inclusive at grass roots level and hope that other interest groups will try to create similar projects as a way to build their own community supports in a challenging world. In addition to improving their own food security, self managed green spaces allow for increased well being and empower people to protect their native biodiversity. Our Shareholder’s currently number 60+ and about €50,000 has already been spent on developing the land. Please note: if you commit to a share, you are not buying a piece of the land, but rather a percentage share in the project as a whole, and therefore you or those who come after you in the decades to come have an entitlement to a percentage of the yearly profits, when the project gets to its productive stage.

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